Production cooperative society K-PLAST was established on 17th February, 2000 by organic assembly meeting.

Formation of the company was the reaction of unsatisfied employees and members of production cooperative society Kveta (whose tradition of plastic materials processing reaches in to early 60-ties of prior century) with the long lasting bad economical situation, unclear owners business approach to the incurred situation; and their effort to create a going concern cooperation, which will be able to ensure the long lasting social safety of its members and employees. Time showed it was a right way direction although at the beginning we had to deal with lots of barriers and misunderstanding of community.

In early years of our existance it came to significant change in technic-technological equipment and production program structure. The first morraly and technically obsolete technology has been replaced by injection machines of DEMAG and ARBURG. Prduction program has changed from occasional production of easy plastic parts into production of technically and high quality requiring plastic parts.

Today is K-PLAST the modern and prosperous company with stable production program, modern technic and technical equipment and with experienced staff. We are ready and able to provide our customers complete service - projection of plastic parts, production, testing and maintenance of tools and following production and completion of plastic parts.
K-Plast, v. d.
Školská 36
Nová Baňa 968 01

IČO: 35 785 080

00421 45 6857 783
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00421 45 6857 784